Why Should I Believe?
Why Should I Believe in God?
I'd say Don't if He’s just a Myth.  
While some may choose to believe in God because it makes ‘em feel better…
Or makes their parents happy…
Or even because it’s the “right” thing to do…
I say, "Crazy!"  DON’T do it if it’s not true!

But is it TRUE?
There’s all kinds of PRACTICAL, LOGICAL and even HISTORICAL
facts & evidence I’m going to present on this site FOR God!   

But first going back to a time when I didn’t believe at all…

I'm a natural born skeptic.  Back in college, a girlfriend started
talking to me about Jesus.  Sometimes I’d “politely” listen.
But when she finally asked ME what I believed, here’s what I said:

“How would you know if there REALLY was a God?  
And even if you KNEW, how would you know what RELIGION was right?
(They all contradict each other!)”

So she said, “Ask God”.  That answer—in my case—brought me to finding the most
incredible, LIVING God—Beyond anything I could have EVER imagined!!  
Being an intelligent—but COOL, open-minded hippy-type—I honestly didn’t
expect to find JESUS!  Buddha maybe…  But Christianity was for the old
fashioned, square, and, well, uh SIMPLE MINDED folk I did NOT want to
become!!  We didn’t have Harry Potter back then, but if we had—
I’d have been His biggest fan!

“Ask God”.  I’m not sure if I’d give that advice to every person.   Like if you ask
God to show you if He’s real—but with a CHIP on your shoulder,
wanting Him to PROVE it to you...

The famous physicist Blaise Pascal once said,
“God has given sufficient evidence to those whose hearts are open, but
(evidence) sufficiently vague so as Not to compel those whose hearts are closed.”

I’d say there’s LOTS of evidence—But!—
Your heart still has a LOT to do with this!  
So may I ask…

If there IS a REAL God, who RADICALLY Loves you and wants you to know Him,
would you WANT to know Him?  
(Stop and think about it—don’t just rush on to the next question).

I assume you’d say yes—or you probably wouldn’t bother reading this!  
Jesus said not only that He loves you,
but that you could come to KNOW God and
Experience Him—
and that you’d have “joy unspeakable!”   Jesus also said to a woman at a well…

“If you knew the gift of God,
and who it is that says to you, ‘Give me a drink’,
you would have asked of
and He would have given you
living water”   
(John 4:10 from the Bible)

Sounds pretty good!  But…

What if in order to KNOW Him, you’d have to be willing to OBEY Him;
would that CHANGE your answer?

Ah…  Easy to say you’d want to know a God who’d totally love you
and give you joy unspeakable!!  But OBEY Him?!  Well…

Everyone thinks Jesus was a really nice guy.  He was.  
But you might be surprised at some TOUGH things He said, like…

“…the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to
destruction, and there are many who enter through it.”
“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved
darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

Are you sure?  Ok!  Here’s a simple test:  “The good person test!”  
(Note: I didn’t pass this one very well…)

Have you ever told a lie?  
What does that make you?  (Think about it a moment)     
(What would you call Me if I told YOU a lie?)

The correct answer is a liar.  OK.  
Have you ever stolen anything—no matter how small—
Change from your Mom’s purse, a candy bar from the drugstore,
Time from your employer… anything?  (Think about it).  
What does that make you?  (A thief).

Next, have you ever taken the name of the Lord “in vain”—used His Name as a
curse word; a way to express disgust?  (Jesus!  Jesus Christ!  (or G.D. It!).
God calls that blasphemy…
(and why would you do it?  
Why would you use His name (of all things) to express disgust?  
(I know—we don’t usually think of it that way!  
Lots of stuff we do without thinking…)

Finally, Jesus said that if you look at a woman (or man) to lust for her, you’ve
already committed adultery with them in your
heart.  Guilty?

That’s just 4 out of 10 of the 10 Commandments.  
And already, by your own admission,  
aren't you a  lying  thief  with  an  adulteress  heart  
who  has blasphemed God?

This is not surprising, because God said mankind
together would become corrupt.
(It’s hard to think of things as wrong when “everyone’s doing it”).  

But how does God look at this?  He’s full of love and mercy; but He’s also
He gave us free will.  The fact is He offers us amazing mercy and forgiveness—
but we’ve disregarded Him, dishonored Him, and broken His laws.  
Now maybe you didn’t know—and God IS merciful towards ignorance.  But He also
says men SUPPRESS the truth about Him in their hearts…

So what about you?  Maybe you need more evidence—
And there's LOTS of it on this website--Go exploring!  
But first please consider saying this prayer:
“God… Are you real?  Do you require something from me?  Please show me the
truth about Yourself.  I am willing to follow You, if You are real.”

Thought provoking. If you’d be
unwilling to say such a  prayer, then even PROOF
of God will not convince you, because you won’t
want to be convinced.  

Or are you ALREADY willing to turn to God to follow Him,
and to put your trust in Jesus?  

Maybe you’ve seen your sin against Him in a way you never did before. That’s
not a bad thing—it’s the Truth.
If we had continued through those 10 commandments,
you’d probably find you’d broken
every one of them (at least in your heart.)  
Only a foolish person would NOT want forgiveness from God.  

Here’s the basic “Gospel”—Good News!!
One day you will stand before a holy God.
But He offers you His mercy, because no matter how you’ve sinned against Him,
He still loves you.  
He offers you grace—His undeserved favor.  
Innocence in spite of your guilt, because His Son paid your price.

Kind of like if you were truly guilty at court—and the judgment was $100,000…
you didn’t have a dime to your name…
And Jesus came in and paid your fine in full.  
Only this is a lot bigger—He actually DIED in your place.  
For right now, just get how big that is; how MUCH He loves you.  

All He asks is that you Repent.  Big word… and really it’s a big decision.  It means
turning.  Turning away from your life of sin… Your life of being your OWN God…
To Follow Him instead and to put your Trust in Him.  
Honestly, that's a Big Deal.
But you'd be crazy not to; He’s God.  
He offers you His Righteousness; He offers you the most amazing love... True
peace... & Eternal life.  He paid your price with His own blood.

He heals our hearts, fills the Hole inside,
and loves us beyond our wildest imagination!  
This is way beyond just an "idea in your head"--
You get to KNOW Him!  Experience Him!
Wow… Honestly, there’s NOTHING like it.

He rose from the dead, to show that He can raise YOU from the dead.  
Both in this life AND the Next.  But STILL it's a big decision...
There's that word again, "Repent".
Now if you need more evidence first,
start checking out our other articles and video web links.  
But if you're just not sure if you're ready to "take the plunge"...
One more question will I ask of you.
If you'd have nothing to do with God in THIS life,
what makes you think you'd want to be in Heaven with Him forever?

If today is your day to turn to follow God, here’s a prayer you could say
(Prayer is nothing but talking to God).

Dear God,  
I know that I have sinned against you: That I’ve done things wrong in life—
Some that I knew were wrong, some that I didn’t—
but they were still breaking Your laws.  
God, please forgive me of every sin I’ve ever committed.

Wash me clean, and give me new life!  You said that Jesus died for my sins, and
that if I believe in Him, that He died for me and that He rose from the dead,
that I will have eternal life.  Please show me the truth about You and about all
that Jesus has done for me.  Please come into my heart, and change me into what
You want me to be.  I place my life before You, and I give You the honor due to
you as God, my Creator.  Please show me how real You are and how to follow You.  
I thank you for saving me!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

Keep pouring your heart out to Him, and start to read the Bible
(see note below about Bible Versions)   
Read either Mark or John to begin, and then the whole New Testament
(and Genesis -the first book of the Bible)
Plus maybe “a Psalm a day”…  Maybe also “a Proverb a day”…)  
in the Index at the front of your Bible.

Ask God to lead you to the right church, too.  A good church is often hard to
find… But it’s important to have friendship with other Christians.  
(And you should get baptized soon too!)  
Yet always let the Bible and the Holy Spirit be your first Teachers!

By the way--if you're not sure yet that you should TRUST the Bible--I totally
understand.  There are a lot of lies in our pop culture against the Bible, it's
historicity, the many changes that have supposedly been made to it,
the "lost gospels" being omitted, Constantine and so forth--
we have SOLID ANSWERS to these controversies--E-mail Us!
(and Ask God about it!)
But for sure start reading the Bible no matter what;
if your heart is inclined to please God and learn about Him--
You're going to be amazed!
Also I'd encourage you to read our Mind-boggling book,
"Did the Bible Predict...?"
Available Free on this Website! (as a PDF file)  

You're embarking on an EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURE!!!

And please write to tell us about it!  We’d LOVE to hear about your new faith, and
we’d love to answer ANY questions you might have and provide resources!
(We can also recommend churches).
Our E-mail is michaelsrose1@juno.com

Bible Versions: Do NOT read the "Message" Bible.  The best versions are:
New American Standard or the New King James
(The Old King James is good too but most people find it hard to understand).  
If you're not the greatest reader, the NIV is a good choice.  
If even that's hard--try the  Bible on CD!
(but still check the VERSION they're reading to you!)

Also, don't just automatically trust preachers in churches or on the TV!!  
Please don't spend MORE TIME learning from men than you do learning directly from the
Bible.     Besides which God will SPEAK TO YOU through it!...
Always pray first, asking God to help you to understand what you're reading, and to speak to
your heart... But don't worry when there's lots you don't understand yet--that's totally to be
expected as a New Christian!  Just concentrate on what you DO understand, start applying it to
your life... And keep talking to the Lord; pour out your heart to Him and ask Him all your
questions...Try to obey Him as best you can... And when you mess up, confess your sin to Him,
ask Him to forgive you (and to help you to be stronger!), and He is "faithful and just to forgive
you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness" (1John 1:9).  Really.  Keep repenting when you
sin--but don't forget that He is full of mercy and grace!

John 8:31-32
Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed on Him, If you continue in My
word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the
truth shall make you free.